The Great Design of Vincent Van Duysen Can’t Be Contained

When an architect looks to design a new building, he will not only take into account the exterior style of the finished building, but also the flow and design of the interior. A well-designed building should look great from the street, but should also be set up in a way that makes it easy to navigate once you step through the front doors. Beauty and functionality can then work hand in hand, which translates perfectly to items created for use in the home. It sometimes takes an architect to be able to create that perfect balance, which is what the products delivered by When Objects Work hope to achieve.

One of the designers whose work can be found through When Objects Work, and carried here at Fitzsu, is Vincent Van Duysen. He is an architect from Antwerp who has turned his ideals of interpreting classical forms into functional pieces into a series of ceramic bowls that can serve multiple purposes within the home. These pieces follow the principles we have discusses already, which is that something can look beautiful, but still have a useful purpose beyond aesthetics. That said, let’s take a look at both the appearance of the bowls, as well as the multiple ways in which they can be employed.

The bowls come in a variety of colors that instantly make you think of nature. There are browns that you would expect to see in mighty trees, as well as lighter shades of grey that evoke visions of an overcast European sky right before rainfall. They are simple hues, chosen, one would think, for their serene, almost organic feel. Each of the colors complements the other perfectly, meaning that you don’t have to stick to the same color in order to feel as though you have a perfect set. This is a collection that is designed to be mixed and matched.

This notion is backed up by the fact that the ceramic bowls come in three different sizes, as well as coming with lids that are in three different widths. What this means is that you can have stackable storage options that will help you save space, as well as a truly unique kitchen canister set that you can change out to create a look that fits your mood or style. That’s not to say that this canister set has to be confined to the kitchen, though, or even necessarily used as a canister at all.

The colors and design of these pieces are such that they would not look out of place in the living room, dining room, or office. They can be used to store all manner of items, or even as a decorative art piece that you might not have thought off. Stacking each of the ceramic containers creates a unique design piece that will make you think of the shelves in a potter’s studio. Mix and match, then stack, and you can create a different look for every room in your home.

Cibi, Modern Glassware That Reflects A Different Time

It used to be that going out for a cocktail or entertaining at home meant having a healthy supply of booze and cigars or cigarettes. It really wasn’t that long ago that smoking and drinking went hand in hand, but stricter laws have made that virtually impossible in any location but your own home. While that’s not necessarily a bad thing, there is still something romantic about holding a glass of scotch in one hand, listening to some soft jazz being played live in the corner of the bar, with the sweet smell of cigar smoke redolent in the air. Different times indeed, but Arnolfo di Cambio Cibi glassware collection does more than just hint at that era.

While you will get a definite sense of that time when you see this crystal glassware, there is still no denying that this is a modern collection that very much has a place in today’s world. Designed by Cini Boeri, the bar glasses and accessories take on a shape that is very elegant and feminine, yet which have sharp, angular features that will also appeal to any red-blooded American man. Simply put, the Cibi glassware collection is one that is absolutely perfect for a more sophisticated bar.

The Cibi decanter may very well be the finest example of the design principles we spoke of. Its beauty comes from the fact that it is, like every other piece in this collection, mouth blown and hand-cut. That makes each piece an absolute original, with no two decanters looking the same. Even the tiniest imperfections in the design, such as a bubble in the glass, should be viewed as another sign of its individuality, rather than a blight on its elegance and sophistication.

The Cibi Double Old Fashion glasses are also exceptionally crafted, and are designed in a way that makes them incredibly easy to hold. Modern glassware designs have a tendency to be too clever for their own good, but the Cibi glasses are done in a way that is the perfect combination of functionality and design. This is particularly true of the Cibi glasses, which are tall, slender, and have the profile of a tall, beautiful woman wearing a dress that flares out at the knee.

No barware set, especially one which so evokes an older era, can be considered complete without a few accessories added. The Cibi collection has a pair of fantastic additions in the form of an ashtray and an ice bucket. Both perfectly reflect the Arnolfo di Cambio deign style, whilst also being instantly recognizable as part of the Cibi collection. It seems fitting that the old-fashioned appeal of this modern glassware should be made valid by the fact that the time-honored tradition of glass blowing should be used to create the stunning look of each individual piece.