Dinnerware To Make You Happy When You Are Blue

There are times when a table setting calls for dinnerware that is white and unremarkable, usually when the goal is to highlight other elements of the table setting. Plain white dinnerware can also be used as a contrast to the other colors that are on display on the table, whilst still retaining a touch of classic elegance that diners will appreciate. Modern dinnerware is starting to skew away from the traditional white of old by incorporating colors and designs that are sure to catch the eye. A perfect example of this can be found in the Royal Copenhagen Blue Mega dinnerware collection.

It may surprise some people to hear modern dinnerware mentioned in the same breath as Royal Copenhagen, since the company has close to 250 years of delivering fine china that is perfectly suited to the most lavish of table settings. You can rest assured that nothing has really changed in the way that Royal Copenhagen goes about producing their dinnerware collections. Artistic brilliance and craftsmanship are still very much at the heart of what the company does, and it’s all very evident when you get a look at their blue dinnerware.

The attention to detail is absolutely evident in every single piece, and is something that can really only be achieved by creating each piece of china by hand. In the days were dinnerware is mass produced and sold at rock bottom prices, Royal Copenhagen sticks by the traditions that made their pieces so sought after in the first place. You will go through countless discount dinnerware sets far quicker than you will a single piece from Royal Copenhagen porcelain. These are items that are not just designed to look good, as they are also created to stand the test of time, which is the true measure of a quality product.

Each individual piece is molded, casted, and biscuit fired before the final steps of painting and glazing are completed. It’s the paintwork that sets the Royal Copenhagen Blue Mega dinnerware set apart from anything else you are likely to ever see on the dinner table. The delicate blue flowers and leaves that adorn the china could stand alone as beautiful pieces of art, but their addition to the glorious white background creates a look that you will almost not want to spoil by covering it with food.

We say almost, because this is dinnerware that is more than just decorative. The process of designing and creating such beautiful work was not done so that you could just place the pieces in a china cabinet like a museum piece. This is dinnerware that is to be enjoyed in a number of different ways, and that begins with using it for the purpose in which it was intended.

The Modern Dinnerware that is Rosenthal Studio Line

Manufacturing and design companies come and go, but when you see that one has been in business for more than 125 years, you know they have to be doing something right. That is the case with Rosenthal who has been in business since 1879, delivering incredible contemporary pieces using porcelain and glass. While their first big seller was an ashtray back in the late 1890’s, they are now best known for their white porcelain dinnerware that is among the most stylish you will ever see appear on a dinner table.

Perhaps the best known of their creations is the Rosenthal Tac 02 line which incorporates timeless elegance with functional design. Available in both black and white, the tea service set can be mixed and matched to create a stunning contrast on the table. The highlight of the design, and there are many to choose from, may well be the handles, which have been designed in such a way that the thumb automatically holds the lid in place on the teapot. Walter Gropius designed this set in such a way that form and function collided in each and every piece.

White dinnerware has always has a place on the formal dinner table, and if you want white done just right, then you need to look at the Rosenthal Moon collection. The elegance of this set comes from the stunning simplicity of its design that Jasper Morrison has mastered. There are no unnecessary additions or effects added, with every piece designed to be pure and functional.

Created in the 1970’s by Timo Sarpaneva, the Rosenthal Suomi collection is a white porcelain set that is all smooth rounded curves. You immediately think of pebbles that have been smoothed by the water that rushes over them each and every day, creating one of the most perfect objects in other Nature’s repertoire. This is an award winning collection that is more than deserving of a spot on even the most formal of dinner tables.

Designer Patricia Urquiola’s first attempt at making porcelain ended up being a collection that is absolutely timeless. The Rosenthal Landscape collection is porcelain dinnerware at its absolute finest. Each piece seems incredibly thin and delicate, but that simply masks an inner strength that makes this a collection that will have a place on your dinner table for years to come. There is even a touch of real designer flair to be found on this collection, specifically on the handles of the cups and jugs, each of which has an intricately designed handle that is simply quite stunning.